Ensuring Equity in Oregon

Building on the success of the increasing the minimum wage to a livable wage for all Oregonians, Chuck stood up in support of the Equal Pay Act of 2017. This law prohibits employers from discriminating based on race, religion, sex, orientation, origin, marital status, veteran status, disability or age. It ensures that employees provide equal pay for equal work while disrupting the deeper roots of discrimination by stopping employers from asking about salary history.

Caring for our Veterans

As a veteran himself, Chuck knows there are many struggles facing veterans upon reentry into civilian life. One problem many veterans face is PTSD, a problem Chuck addressed by sponsoring SB 129. It created a task force to study the treatment of PTSD and make recommendations to the Senate to fund effective treatments for our vets suffering from this illness.

Protecting Working Families

Chuck sponsored and championed SB 117, a law which cracks down on the practice of predatory towing. The law ensures towing companies are reigned in, especially those who patrol lots looking for cars whose owners didn’t know they were parked in a tow-away zone. This will prevent companies from towing without the property owners consent while adding a path for legal recourse against companies who violate these rules.

Investing in our Children’s Education

As a member of the Senate committee on finance and revenue, Chuck helped negotiate an $800 million increase in Education funding while ensuring the budget stays balanced with a buffer just in case an emergency arises. This funding increase touches every aspect of the education system from Kindergarten through Career and Technical Training as well as 4 year Universities. It is being used to help reduce drop-out rates and encourage students to pursue higher education by keeping community colleges extremely low-cost for qualifying students and helping to slow tuition increases at public universities.

Encouraging Small Business Growth

Chuck knows the struggles of starting and running a small business as a retired small business owner. To help promote small business in Oregon, Chuck Sponsored SB 1589 and SB 1565, two laws which will help new small business owners get their company off the ground. 1589 expands the availability of loans for small businesses so they can hire new workers, helping to grow the local economy as well as their business. 1565 allows cities and counties to provide property tax exemptions to businesses that are creating jobs in their communities. Together, they create as strong incentive for companies to hire new workers and grow their business, whatever it may be.