Top Priorities

Getting Serious About Investing In Education and Reducing Class Sizes

Oregon’s public schools give children the skills they need to succeed. But politicians haven’t given our schools the investments they need, forcing cuts at our local schools.

In Hillsboro, classrooms are bursting at the seams because leaders haven’t increased funding enough to address class sizes. The story is the same in Forest Grove and Cornelius.

“It's time that Salem got its priorities straight and directed more funding to K-12 instead of funding tax breaks for corporations. As your State Senator, I have made education funding my top priority. We must stabilize funding for Oregon schools, shrink class sizes, and stop teacher layoffs once and for all.” – Chuck Riley

Access to Job Training and College Affordability

Chuck Riley has worked to expand access to job training programs that help Oregonians learn the skills they need to get family-wage jobs.

“By promoting apprenticeship programs and making community college more affordable, we have made it easier for Oregon families to work their way into the middle class.” – Chuck Riley

Creating Jobs and Improving Our Economy

Chuck Riley knows it takes courage and hard work for a small business to succeed. He has fought for small businesses by cutting red tape and expanding access to loans and financial support. Chuck’s jobs plan will help small businesses grow and hire new employees, which is the key to improving our economy.

“As a former small business owner, I understand the connection between education and helping our economy stay on track. I’m asking for your vote so that I can continue putting your priorities ahead of corporate special interests.” – Chuck Riley