Top Priorities

Continuing to Invest In Education and Ensuring Out-of-School Time for Kids

Kids do better in school and in life if they have quality child care and early learning, after school, and summer programs. In addition, many students whose parents or guardians work long hours do not have a parent or relative at home right before school, right after school, and in the days during the summer. That’s why Chuck Riley introduced SB 1515.

Chuck thinks this is a problem we should fix by providing students with more extensive out-of school programs that can help students, especially at-risk students, to succeed. These programs give them a safe, supportive space to study and learn outside of normal school hours. These experiences can help boost graduation rates and learning outcomes. SB 1515 would expand local abilities to raise funds for out-of-school support to give assistance to these critical programs.

Expanding Access to Job Training and College

Chuck Riley has worked to expand access to job training programs that help Oregonians learn the skills they need to get family-wage jobs. One way he is doing this is by helping to draft legislation that will expand apprenticeship programs to corporations.

Right now, while many unions provide apprenticeship opportunities, corporations lack the same opportunities. Chuck believes that, by encouraging corporations to create new opportunities for apprentices, these corporations will have access to a better trained, more efficient workforce. On top of that, it will provide excellent opportunities for workers who want to learn new skills that help them compete in the changing workplace while boosting their pay.

Securing our Elections

As a former Air Force programmer and technology consultant, Chuck Riley is very concerned with protecting our state’s technology infrastructure. He has used his position as the Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Information Management and Technology to advocate for greater cyber security for all State agencies, and protecting our elections is paramount.

Chuck is working on a bill that would protect our election systems from cyber-attacks. Even though our elections systems are already much safer than many other states, there is still room for improvement. Chuck’s bill would require greater transparency from the company that owns our ballot counting machines to reduce the risk that they are tampered with by malicious software

Protecting the Columbia River Ecosystem for Sports Fishermen

The Columbia River is one of Oregon’s greatest natural resources, and one that requires our constant vigilance to protect. However, Chuck was shocked to hear that over 400 Sturgeon were caught on the Columbia last year using gillnetting. This is far too many for them to be able to continue thriving as an important part of the Columbia River ecosystem.

That is why Chuck is working on legislation to eliminate gillnetting on the Columbia River. Chuck believes that preserving our salmon and sturgeon populations, and with them, the Columbia, for the enjoyment of generations of Oregonians and sports fishermen to come is an issue we can all agree on.

Creating Jobs and Improving Our Economy

Chuck Riley knows it takes courage and hard work for a small business to succeed. He has fought for small businesses by cutting red tape and expanding access to loans and financial support. Chuck’s jobs legislation has helped small businesses grow and hire new employees, which is the key to improving our economy. He hopes to build on these successful programs over the next four years.